A quick note of apology or, Thanks and forgive me


This is a new thing for me. Not apologising I mean, but having to do so on a blog. I started this with the aim of posting at least once or twice a week a fresh review and slowly starting to build a readership, (see? I was paying  attention to that ‘How to get more traffic’ article!)

So, sorry. I’ve started but not as I mean to go on. Without being too personal, after all I’m sure there are things you would rather not know about, but I have been off on holiday and trying to plan a fairly major piece of academic work. But I haven’t forgotten and I haven’t given up on this. So, by next month I will be back in civilisation and back to watching and reviewing the long list of adaptations I have garnered from you fine readers.

Apology out-of-the-way, thanks to all the people who have read, shared and made suggestions. The fact that you have taken the time to do that makes me believe that this is a conversation worth having. Thanks.

In the meantime though, here are some blogs I would recommend from my short time on WordPress:






If anyone has anymore blogs I really should be reading, please let me know.