So. Here We Go.

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So, hello there. First off, let me get the obvious out-of-the-way. I am well aware this may be nothing more than me squatting on this tiny corner of cyberspace and gently massaging my ego in front of about 3 people. Fine. To get around this I have pre-emptively adopted the a-typical defence of the frail ego’d ‘writer.’ I’m sure anyone with a brain cell count that vaguely approaches double digits will know how this one goes…

Everyone ready? Come on – join in…

“I don’t do this for you! I’m doing this for ME!”

From what I’ve seen of people who’ve employed this argument it usually takes place whilst sat in a darkened room obsessively checking the site’s traffic stats. Whilst crying.

To that end, this blog is here without expectation or hope of success. I’m doing this because it’ll be fun, so to those people who find this, please join in. Send me your suggestions, thoughts and opinions. Unless you disagree with me. Then you can just go elsewhere. I don’t want your sort hanging round here.

Secondly  – here’s my way of doing things when it comes to reviewing. And stuff..

::NO SCORES! Or numbers. Or thumbs up or down. Fine, I know there are some reviewers that use those things but frankly, I don’t see the point. I really hope, for the sake of anyone reading this more than anything, that my opinions couldn’t be simplified to fit on a good/bad binary kind of scale. The issues of adapting a book into a film are obviously complicated, and to boil all of that down to a score out of ten just feels, well, unfair. The other main reason is that the idea of providing a simple ‘objective’ score completely undermines the whole idea of writing an entire review! This is about opinion. And opinion should be nuanced, if it can be summed up as a score then honestly, I’m doing something wrong.

Apart from that I really haven’t gotten round to finding anything else to define this. Any book/film adaptation is fair game – a film that draws its plot, key themes and characters from a specific literary work, (if you’re a pedant) or any film that features the phrase ‘based on the bestselling novel’ in it’s trailer or promotional material (if you want an easy definition)



Glad we’ve gotten that out of the way…