The Page Boy was never intended to be a lone voice spouting forth, but I always wanted this to be a conversation about the world of books and film and how they interact and affect us all as viewers and readers. With jokes in it.

So, you think I’ve missed out the best book? Should be talking about a new film or an old one that has passed me by? Then write about it. Disagree with me entirely and want to do a point by point rebuttal  of my opinion? Great! And so, to that end The Page Boy does accept submissions from anyone who wants to write something; the suggestion above should be just that, suggestions as to possible topics. However, in order to keep the blog focused and give it a purpose please find a few submission guidelines outlined below.

– The topic should be consistent with the aim of the rest of the blog’s content. Books, films and the interaction between the two should be dealt with, but you can deal with them however you see fit.

– Articles should be roughly 1500-2000 words in length. Articles over this word count will be edited to fit.

– If the article is on a book/film already covered the odds are I won’t want it unless it does something new with the material and adds to the discussion.

– Ensure that the article is well written; the aim is to be informative as well as funny. I don’t want you to be an academic but show some in depth knowledge of what you want to talk about.

– I reserve the right of editorial control, seems fair – my blog so I get to decide what goes here.

– I can’t offer any money. What I can offer is a space to develop ideas, opinions and your style as a writer.

If this sounds like something you could get involved with, then find me on Twitter @PageBoyTweets or @jgreenaway3 or contact me on here  and we’ll take it from there…